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Faculty of Corporate Training & Development (FCTD LLP), NEW DELHI

Art of Ageing well

According to the New England Journal of Medicine (2018), the most productive age group is 60 to 70 years followed by 70 to 80 years and 50 to 60 years respectively. Keeping in view this research finding the work life of an individual has extended to a longer period of time after the actual retiring age which is 60. Therefore, it becomes important for us to focus on some personal and professional aspects of our life on superannuation.

Retiring is inevitable but living a good productive life after the retirement can be a reality depending on your choice. Another research conducted by Ian Robertson which indicates that old age starts at 80, corroborates this.

The programme focuses on doable practical strategies to be adopted by the participants to make them physically, mentally, socially and financially secured and strong.

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