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International Women's Day Celebration at NCRTC (8th March 2024)

At the recent event hosted by NCRTC on 8th March in celebration of International Women’s Day, Prof (Dr) Surabhi Goyal, our co-founder was invited.

She joined 60 working women professionals and senior officers to focus on women’s empowerment and professional development. United under the theme ‘Invest in Women – Accelerate the Progress,’ the event aimed to foster a culture of continuous development and progress.

Dr. Surabhi, a thought leader in empowerment and growth, shared valuable insights on ‘The Growth Mindset for Women Professionals,’ sparking discussions on leadership, inspiration, and the importance of investing in women.

Training Program on “Developing Managerial Skills” at NCRTC, New Delhi

A manager has to wear many hats. And, tackling these might get tedious.

FCTD’s training program on “Developing Managerial Skills” helps you with just that.

Day 2 of the session at National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) (Corporate office), New Delhi on September 28 was focused on bettering communication skills and effective conflict management.

This was done with sessions around body language, discussing barriers in communication, and the 5C model of communication.

For conflict management, an insightful session on constructive vs destructive conflict and strategies to resolve the conflict was conducted. These sessions included self-assessment for the respective areas.

Along with these, a session on team collaborative work was conducted. The programme concluded with management games which teach about the power of collaboration.

Training Program on “Developing Managerial Skills” at NCRTC, New Delhi

Being a manager is a well-rounded role which involves a lot of responsibilities.

FCTD is conducting a training programme on “Developing Managerial Skills” at National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) (Corporate Office), New Delhi on 27th-28th September.

This is an insightful programme with sessions on self-awareness, empowerment and growth on Day 1. These sessions also had a few assessment sessions where the young dynamic officers could measure disposition and analyse gaps.

It also included management games and activities to provide experiential learning and managerial skills. Learning basic workplace skills in a matter of a few days in an exciting manner, helps the executives to stick to the learnings for a longer period.

‘Managing Stress for Higher Work – lIfe Effectiveness’ for NCRTC, New Delhi

Interestingly online trainings have become the preferred method for the majority of organisations and have helped many executives during lockdown more than ever before to up skill themselves. But there is no denying that long hours of screening has caused a mental fatigue and has prevented live interactions. We cannot undermine the benefits of Offline trainings which is live human interaction and greater discussion based learnings. Taking into consideration the pros and cons of the two platforms, it will be a good idea for organisation to consider a combination of Offline and Online trainings depending upon the objective of the training programmes.

Training on ‘Managing Stress for Higher Work – lIfe Effectiveness’ for NCRTC, New Delhi, commenced from 21st September to 23rd September 2021. We interacted with a group of young and senior executives of this organisation. It was heartening to note that after a long spell of Online trainings, organisations are opening up for Offline trainings respecting all social distancing rules. We wish many more organisation will get ready for offline trainings because offline trainings are undoubtedly more impactful and interactive. We appreciate the sincere efforts of management and the administrative staff .

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