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Faculty of Corporate Training & Development (FCTD LLP), NEW DELHI


On 30th September 2023, One-day Training Program on “Group Dynamics and Interpersonal Relationships” at FCI, Gurgaon

FCTD conducted a dynamic one-day training program on September 30, 2023, centered around the crucial themes of Group Dynamics and Interpersonal Relationships at FCI, Gurgaon.

This engaging workshop brought together participants from diverse backgrounds within FCI, offering them a unique opportunity to delve deep into the dynamics that shape effective teamwork and interpersonal interactions within the organization.

“Developing an Attitude of Excellence”

Soft skills training as a part of FCI induction programne was undoubtedly well integrated . People skills are as important as technical skills to move ahead in life and take up position of responsibility . Any leaderships begins with self leadership and that is what was emphasised . Lead self to lead others.

We met a very enthusiastic group of new budding officers of FCI.

FCTD conducted a one-day management program on ‘Developing an Attitude of Excellence’ for 75 management trainees of the Food Corporation of India (FCI) at the Institute of Food Security in December 2021.

The expert faculty Professor (Dr.) S.P.Chauhan emphasized the need to have a growth mindset and to stay updated as they move on with their career; and Professor (Dr.) Surabhi Goyal nudged them to be confident and assertive by carrying a positive body language, using assertive communication, and dressing for the occasion.

All the participants are at the onset of their new profession and they appreciated the value of soft skills training and outbound training during the induction program. The entire management program will greatly help them to join any position with a great deal of positivity and confidence.

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