Faculty of Corporate Training & Development

Faculty of Corporate Training & Development (FCTD LLP), NEW DELHI

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‘Developing a Powerful Trainer Within You’

Organizations understand the value of training and development, and trainers are crucial to these efforts. Technical/subject training is best delivered by experienced officers in the field. However, to effectively transfer knowledge, trainers need key skills and technical expertise.

The ‘Developing a Powerful Trainer Within You’ programme aimed empowering prospective trainers with the skills needed to become effective trainers. This three-day training program, conducted by the FCTD for Senior Government officials at Training Academy in Gurugram, from 27th-29th March 2023, covers designing and developing training modules, utilizing different training methods, making powerful presentations, connecting with audiences, and managing challenging situations.

Led by renowned experts in management training, Prof (Dr) SP Chauhan and Prof (Dr) Surabhi Goyal, the programme used lectures, exercises, and simulations to provide the officials with the knowledge and skills needed to become powerful trainers. The program emphasized creating a collaborative and engaging learning environment to make the officers understand the prerequisites of an impactful training.

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